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NameCurrent ILSOther ILS used
Andrea LoigmanAlephVoyager, Sirsi Unicorn, Sirsi Hyperion, Follett Destiny
David LarsenOLESirsiDynix Horizon
Charlotte Whitt-Aleph, local system at DBC (The Danish National Bibliography)
Mark CanneyOLESirsiDynix Symphony
Joanne LearyVoyagerNOTIS
Deb LambVoyagerNotis
Caitlin FinlayVoyager 
Cammie WyckoffVoyager 
Wendy WilcoxVoyager 
Rameka BarnesVoyagerNOTIS
Maria Grzeschniok-LBS
Maike Osters-Aleph
William WeareVoyagerSirsiDynix Symphony; iii Millennium
Marc Keepper Aleph, Voyager, Alma, III Millennium, III Sierra, SirsiDynix Symphony, Integration with Discovery (Primo & EDS), NOTIS-based
Kathryn Harnish Managed development of Voyager, Aleph, Alma, and Intota systems
Tania FersenheimVoyagerNOTIS, Libs100, PLUS, Sirsi Unicorn, Aleph, Alma

Bold = current / recent version of system


NameCurrent areas of responsibility / interestPrevious areas of responsibility / interest (if different)
Andrea LoigmanCirculation, stacks management, course reserves, interlibrary loan, document delivery, service desk/point, microforms, borrower privileges, current periodicalsHigh density storage management, video collection management
David LarsenCirculation, borrower privileges, course reserves, interlibrary loan, document delivery, reporting, stacks management, integration with other systems (ILL, reserves, storage systems), assessment; NCIP, z39.50, APIs, consortial borrowing 
Mark CanneyCirculation, Reports, ILL, Stacks, Circ Rule/Policies, Discovery, Reserves, ILLiad Admin (SQL Reports and Server Admin, AddOns), RapidILL, Relais D2DSystem Administration, API, CMS, SIP2, NCIP, z39.50
Joanne LearyCirculation, Access Reports (circulation/reserve/billing, stacks/collection management, statistics, trouble-shooting), Sysadmin (Circ, Security) 
Cailtin FinlayILS, Document delivery, Borrow Direct, ILLiad, RapidIll, Relais D2D 
Cammie WyckoffHigh density storage, LAS, Document delivery, Circulation, Service desk point, Microforms 
Wendy WilcoxCirculation, Ares (course reserves), Billing, Sysadmin (Circ) 
Deb LambCirculation, Stacks management, Sysadmin (circ, security) 
Rameka BarnesCirculation, Course Reserves, Interlibrary Loan, SysAdmin for circulation module, Reports, Billing, stats, 
William WearePublic ServicesService desk(s); circulation, billing, reserves, stacks mgmt, media, microforms, ASRS
Marc Keepper Discovery, Resource AccessCirculation, Circ Rule/Policies, Stacks/Collection Management, Reserves, Public Services, Document Delivery, Reports, z39.50, APIs
Tania FersenheimMetadata management, eresource access management, sysadmin for all ILS areas, system implementation managementsystem migration management, technology strategic planning, if it lived on a server I was ultimately responsible for it

Bold = area expertise


Namenon-ILS library systems currently usednon-ILS systems previously used
Andrea LoigmanILLiad (ILL), D2D (ILL)Ares (reserves), Footprints (ticketing)
David LarsenAtlas Systems ILLIad (ILL), Atlas Systems Ares (Reserves), Dematic (Storage) 
Mark CanneyILLiad, Relais D2D, VuFind, Drupal 
D. BonnerPortions of Relais D2D (its search/discovery is InD) 
Caitlin FinlayILLiad, Borrow Direct, Relais D2D 
Cammie WyckoffLAS (high density storage) 
Wendy WilcoxAres 
Rameka BarnesAres, ILLiad   
 Tania FersenheimEBSCO Discovery, ShareIt, Avalon, EZproxy, Drupal, CORAL, ArchivesSpacePrimo, VuFind, Metalib, SFX, ILLiad, DSpace, Archon, CoSign & Shibboleth, WorldCat Local, Navigator/NRE/VDX

Bold = area expertise