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The MARCcat subgroup will work with developers to outline functional requirements for the FOLIO MARCcat application. Overall scope is to implement the Italian company @Cult's WeCat cataloguing module into the FOLIO environment as the MARCcat app. For V1 the highest priority will be on create bibliographic records in MARC21, and holdings in MFHD, and implement search features on all data in the MARC record. This workflow ties into the interaction with the MARC Batch Loader, the generic bib storage, and instance and holdings records in Inventory. The MARCcat is in the domain of the MM SIG, and is especially important to cataloging. The subgroup will act under the auspices of the MM SIG.

MARC Batch Loader subgroup members



Time Zone



Lisa McColl

Lehigh UniversityETCataloging/Metadata LibrarianMember of Metadata Management and the MARC Batch Loader Subgroup
Mary S AlexanderUniversity of AlabamaCTCoordinator for Metadata, Resource Acquisition & DiscoveryMember of Metadata Management and the MARC Batch Loader Subgroup
Lisa SjögrenChalmersCET
Member of the Analytics and Bound with working group


PO for the MARCcat App

Annalisa Di SabatoatCultCETFunctional analyst
Natascia BianchiniatCultCETFront/back end developer
Christian ChiamaatCultCETUI lead development
David García SánchezSamhaengCETUX designer
Index DataCETLibrarian. Analyst.

PO for the Inventory App

Support the PO for the MARCcat App

EBSCOETVP, Product Management

MARC Batch Loader subgroup convener & PO

Will participate when possible

North Carolina State UniversityETAssociate Head, Acquisitions and Discovery (Monographs)

Convener for the Metadata Management SIG

May participate if needed

University of Boulder

Sub Convener for the Metadata Management SIG

May participate if needed

Background information: 

Slack Channel: # marccat (

MARCcat Subgroup: Scope

MARCcat Subgroup: Use Cases

MARCcat Subgroup: Topics/Questions to Discuss

MARCcat Discuss posts: 

  • more input to come
  • more input to come ...

Relevant MM SIG documents

Madrid and Durham developer meeting notes on MARCcat: 

                   RM 2: Inventory/cataloging. Discussion of cataloging apps and alignment/integration

                   RM 5: Determine where & which data loading occurs for FOLIO, Acquisitions, RM, Cataloging 


  • Subgroup Meeting Notes
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