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Discussion items

Product Council Update
  • focus on JIRA epics; early-implementers focus group on gaps - identifying critical needs. Quick turnaround needed - next 2 weeks (June 29). HK is putting together a survey
  • Representatives from the sys op sig joined the call to talk about some critical blockers related to deployment and migration across all modules. They are working with the PO group on these issues.
  • Community outreach SIG would like to have a budget to help with promotional materials and promotional needs.
Meeting next week?
ALA is next week. Next week's MM meeting will be cancelled.
MM-SIG get together at ALA?
  • There's a FOLIO reception Saturday 6/23 (7-9:30 CDT) @ Tiki Tolteca. There's information at the bottom of the Product Council Meeting Mintues about this reception.
  • Christie Thomas will be presenting Saturday morning at 10:30. Members of the 4 early adopter institutions will be speaking. Christie will post the room number.
    • FOLIO Early Adopters Panel


      10:30 AM -11:30 AM

      MCC, Rm 214

 Subgroup updates 
  •  1 1 response to "Folio inventory a working definition": - Can we tie conversations together about Instances, Holdings, Items, Packages, Eholdings? There will be a meeting with the stakeholders to see what is needed.
  • Theodor from Chalmers stated that they would like to trust the ERM to handle all eresources, instead of duplicating data in another source.
  • Christie - There is data in the electronic resources that needs to be managed in the inventory. What do we do for electronic resources that are not easily represented in the ERM.
  • Laura made the distinction between duplicating functionality and duplicating work. Theodor brought up the idea of duplicating data the risks.
  • Christie - For any given resources, we should have the option to be able to manage them where we want: Inventory, ERM, or elsewhere.

Review of UX/UI

Laura Wright

on behalf of Kimie Ou Yang

latest Latest images from Kimie:

URL in Holdings record?

Holdings records discussion

Will there be a Holdings Editor as part of atCult's integration. At this point, the MARC native holdings editor is not planned for MARCCat. How critical is it to maintain MARC Holdings for the early implementers? Is that a "deal-breaker"? What would it take to map?

  • Duke is not an early implementer, but Dennis commented that if a full MARC record can be generated from a FOLIO holdings, that is great, but probably a workaround that would be better served, by simply building MARC Holdings into FOLIO in the first place.
  • Can FOLIO have a native MARC Holdings that can be used only if needed.
  • Theodor asked for a use case for the extra data? What is in a MARC Holdings? What role does MARC play that is vital? Lynn said it is an issue of granularity that MARC Holdings offers that is not present in the current FOLIO Holdings. Fixed field values, LDR values, fields that are in MARC Holdings, are not represented in FOLIO's Holdings.
  • Lisa from Chalmers, early implementers, school. They do not have holdings records. They have Bibliographic records and item record. They do their cataloging in the national union catalog. They do not care about what form the holdings information is in.
  • If we are going to recreate a MARCHoldings in FOLIO Holdings, is it worth it?
  • If we want to have MARCHoldings - where will these be created and edited?
  • Should this be addressed in the MARCCat subgroup.
  • Christie - FOLIO should allow for a MARCHoldings store, and represent them in Inventory. This is an issue for the data model.
  • Mary Alexander - "Voted" for maintaining MARCHoldings.
  • Recommendation: MARCCat should have a MARC Holdings editing capacity, MARC Holdings storage, synchronization between MARC Holdings and FOLIO holdings display. Can we live with a simplification of of MARC Holdings represented in the FOLIO Inventory/Holdings?
  • How critical is this for v.1 to the early implementers?
  • Laura and Lynn will convey this to Charlotte and take it to the MARCCat subgroup.
Gap analysis intro?

Action items



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