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  1. Location Hierarchy
  2. Loan Periods
  3. Item Statuses
  4. Circulation components

Location Hierarchy 


Use Cases


-          Use cases being worked by Consortia SIG.  See current thoughts on v1 here:


-          Each institution has own FOLIO configuration (enabled apps, organizational settings etc)


-         Can refer to a specific, semi-independent campuses within a large institution (e.g. Indiana University Bloomington vs. Indiana University Kokomo)

-         Can refer to a single institution with some geographic diversity (e.g. Duke's East Campus vs. Duke's West Campus)


-          Libraries are a mechanism for grouping shelving locations so you can differentiate between, say, Reading room (Law library) and Reading room (Main library)

-          You should be able to do reporting on all the physical items in a given library


-          Collections can be spread across multiple shelving locations within a library or they can all be located in a single shelving location

-          More than one collection can reside in a single shelving location

-          Collections often (but not always) have the same loan rules so it would be nice if there was a way to create loan rules at the collection-level rather than at the physical location level

-          Since more than one collection can reside at a single shelving location, there needs to be a way to create separate loan rules for them

-          Floating collections are collections of physical items that have no home.  Wherever they are checked in is where they are going to live for the time being.

Shelving Location

-          Libraries have physical locations where items (e.g. books, newspapers etc) reside

-          Loan rules for physical items are associated with physical locations

Circulation Desk

-          Circ desks need to be associated with physical locations in such a way that, when an item is checked in, the system knows whether it is “home” or if it needs to go in transit back to the physical location it calls home

-          There can be 2 or more circ desks serving one physical location but most ILSes don’t support this – there are work arounds for this, but would be great if FOLIO could make this possible  (can a many to many relationship work without causing additional problems)

-          There can be 2 or more physical locations served by a single circ desk – this is very common and must be supported

-         Would it worth differentiating between circulation desks and processing locations (e.g. bindery or ILL office)?  Would we have a use for this if the system provided a decent workflow engine?