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15minResource Access ReportsHolly Mistlebauer

We have identified both in-app and data warehouse Resource Access reports (review document here)

  • In-app reports are being developed by the Product Owners
  • Data warehouse reports are being developed by the Reporting SIG members

Have Resource Access reports for your institution been identified?

  • View institution overview here
  • View all Resource Access reports here
  • View all User Management reports here (there may be overlap)

If there are more reports needed, what should RA SIG members do?

  • Work with your Reporting SIG member to identify reports
  • Reporting SIG members are aware of steps for adding a new report
  • One step is to contact me for help in determining if report is in-app report

20minRequest policy vs loan policy: which fields belong where

Request policy vs loan policy: which fields belong where. To answer this question we need to decide:

  • Whose patron group should be considered when deciding things like is this requestable, can it be delivered, alternate loan policy for items with existing requests, recall return interval.
    • Because there can be requests without loans, at least some of these must look at the requester's patron group
    • But others seem like they really ought to look at the borrower's patron group
    • Settings related to the borrower's patron group really ought to live in the loan policy (simpler from a development perspective and clearer from a user perspective)

Review every setting in the current request policy mock-up and decide which patron group is the determining factor

Based on the above, agree on which settings belong in the loan policy vs request policy