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Today's Attendance Taker: 

Today's notetaker:  Kevin Walker

Last week's notetaker: Claudius Herkt-Januschek

Data Privacy for FOLIO ReportingALL

A small, short-term subgroup needs to be formed (minimum 3 people) of the Reporting SIG to work on Data Privacy for Reporting and for the LDP Data Warehouse. Joyce Chapman has volunteered; we need 2 more volunteers to work on this subgroup.


  • capture "Reporting Data Privacy" requirements and issues in the Reporting SIG wiki
  • build a survey about current practices
  • work out recommendations on an approach to anonymizing data
  • What data should be removed from extraction as we build the LDP Reporting Data Warehouse?
  • European standard for GDPR?
  • Maybe capture in JIRA as an LDP feature?

Interaction is needed with User Management SIG, SysOps SIG (Ingolf) and maybe Privacy SIG (currently not active). Results may need to be brought to the Product Council.


  • Ingolf Kuss will join this effort
  • Lisa DeCarolis will check for volunteers within the Five Colleges
Report Prioritization for Development in Data WarehouseALL

We review the RPWG Project List for the Report Prototype Working Group which contains 8 entries at the moment. The SIG agrees that these are high prioritity and represent a useful set of different aspects of reporting.

Today's focus will be Resource Management: Digital Stocks (ID243-247) and Newspapers (ID250-ID261) and Resources Access


Additional Topics?All No additional topics
Topics for Future MeetingsAll

Review and update Topics for Future Reporting SIG Meetings