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5 minHousekeepingAndrea Loigman
  • Notetaker -  Andy Horbal
5minCheck-inEmma BoettcherCheck-in volumeHow many items are likely to be checked in during a given session?
45minRequestsCate BoeremaDelivery requestsAt the requests re-ranking meeting, we discussed possibly coming up with a very simple delivery request design that could meet go-live requirements for institutions that need it. In particular, we discussed:
- A "for delivery" flag that would alert the circ staff upon check in that the item needed to go for delivery. They would then need to look up the address themselves or something...
- Would still need to have a special notice for the patron letting them know the item will be delivered

Goal: To design a simple delivery request solution.

Original delivery UXPROD for reference:
Some notes to get the discussion started:

Also related, let's review mockups for request preferences on the user record:
10minInventoryCate BoeremaRA needs for Inventory
  • Met Cap planning group met with Charlotte and select MM SMEs to discuss criteria for deciding which additional data elements and search features are must-have for MVP - Decision criteria: data elements and search criteria are needed if required by non-catalogers (e.g. RA and RM folks) to do their day-to-day jobs.
  • MM SIG did a "gaps analysis" for inventory a year ago when they identified data elements that needed to be added to inventory. Institutions were supposed to consult with their RA and RM SMEs to determine which elements to add - But given where we are and how little time we have left, it is probably worth refreshing our take on whether elements and features are needed for MVP by RA and RM folks - Thoughts on how best to do this?
  • If the UXPROD features are broken down enough, the institution ranking is an obvious place to capture importance, but there is only one ranking per institution. It would be kind of nice to track which items are needed just for RA (and possibly RM). This would also help with the definition of the RA-view of inventory (UXPROD-1877)
  • Thoughts on how best to capture RA input on Inventory features?
10minRequest queue page with reorderingCate BoeremaRequest queue page with reordering