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Misc (Call Number)Q4

Reviewed elements of the call number notes here:

  • General guidelines we can use when considering what is needed on the many various RA pages and functions (see above in this doc for list):
    • FOLIO list pages (e.g. Loans and Fee/Fines)
      • A consistent “call number block” which concatenates the various fields would be ideal on FOLIO list and record pages because:
        • Consistency is good
        • Saves real estate
        • Many records will not have anything specified for various components so the real estate would really be wasted
        • Components of this block are:
          • Call number prefix - using existing logic
          • Call number - using existing logic
          • Call number suffix - using existing logic
          • Copy number - using existing logic
          • Volume 
          • Enumeration
          • Chronology
        • The order display and separators, if applicable, still needs to be defined
      • Sorting for list pages has been defined by the call number subgroup and will leverage the machine-sortable call number followed by alphanumeric sorting of other elements (paraphrasing here - need to consult the subgroup’s notes for actual logic)
    • FOLIO record detail pages (e.g. Requests)
      • A consistent “call number block” which concatenates the various fields would be ideal on FOLIO detail records for the same reasons as above 
      • That said, if it saves us time to just display separate fields on the record detail screens (because we already have separate elements, for example), we can do that for MVP.
    • FOLIO CSV Exports (e.g. Requests CSV or Hold shelf clearance report CSV)
      • CSV exports need to have each element as a separate column
      • CSV exports need to have the machine-sortable call number as a separate column
    • LDP Reports
      • Should be the same as CSV exports, but need to confirm with Reporting SIG folks
  • Next steps:
    • Discuss requirements with developers and get their take on what, if any, data should be stored vs calculated on the fly
    • Discuss whether we can develop components that can be reused in multiple places