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Minute taker?Peter McCracken

Reverse RFP

Draft to date

Call for volunteers to help expand and flesh out work already done

Harry presented his ideas around a "Reverse RFP" - an attempt at clearly define what FOLIO does, rather than looking at what it doesn't do, which is what much of the development process is (understandably) looking at.

Libraries generally post RFPs when they want to seek a new system, so since no one has posted an RFP for FOLIO yet, it seemed appropriate to take a different approach to this. The RRFP will say "This is what FOLIO can do today; this is what FOLIO will be able to do by the end of the year."

Harry asked for feedback from participants, and invited individuals to edit parts of document, as needed.

Owen Stephens raised a question about the version being described in the document. Kristin Martin said that, ultimately, it's destined to describe the MVP.

Feedback should be submitted within the next two weeks.

PC Updates

  • Develop FOLIO Code of Conduct - looking for volunteers to draft
  • Leipzig funded Tech Writer: will be posting
  • Technical Debt review

Texas A&M Demonstration: migration and display of vendor data into FOLIO (bonus: see some POs as well!)