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1Auto-generate Agreements via import

As an electronic resource librarian with a lot of agreements, I like to set up at least the initial agreement details AND attach resources to it. 

2020-12-03Khalilah Gambrell2/12 Meeting minutes
2ERM apps ' ref data updates/additionsHow best to manage/be notified of updates/additions. 2020-01-14Khalilah Gambrell 2/12 Meeting minutes
3What data will be migrated to FOLIOHow far back go people with their agreements in FOLIO2020-01-29MS based on a comment by Sara Colglazier in the ERM implementers meeting
4eholdings + Agreements integrationWhat Agreement features/functionality is not readily available to a customer using the eholdings app?2020-02-07Khalilah Gambrell2/26 Meeting minutes
5Tags/descriptive data at e-resource levelAbility to attach fine-grained information to any given agreement line / e-resource line to answer questions like: core title vs. non-core title, add statistical codes or subject codes. Collection of use cases.2020-02-11Felix Hemme, ZBW
6Multi-value pick-lists in license termsAbility to record multiple values for pick-list license terms, e.g.: Authorized user groups: staff, students, walk-ins.
This is go-live relevant for Leipzig.
2020-02-12Annika Schröer, UB Leipzig
7Alternate Names/Titles for Agreements

Ability to assign multiple names to an agreement record AND search on those names. (Example: Directory of Open Access Journals agreement should also have a field to record "DOAJ" as a searchable title.) We see this as being similar to what has already been done in Organizations.

Edit Annika: Being able to search for alternate agreement names seems crucial to us, especially since there is no standard/normalized way of naming agreements. In our experience with our old system, there are alternative names for the majority of agreements and many of the colleagues use different forms actively.


Jack Mulvaney (UMass + Five Colleges)

+1 Annika Schröer, UB Leipzig

+1 Felix Hemme, ZBW

8Agreement Lines – expanding information contained in/displayed and able to be recorded underWhen an Agreement is not specific to one title or package but is of a (suggested) organizing type for any number of titles/resources each with their own Agreement Lines/POLs etc. then for each the information displayed/provided is currently rather limited. For example, there is no way currently to record Notes at the Agreement Line level, or, to indicate Concurrent User # or Unlimited User information, etc. The inability to record information like this at the Agreement Line level could force us to have to create more Agreements overall to be able to manage resources licensed or purchased at the title or mini-bundle level.2020-02-18Sara Colglazier. MHC/Five Colleges
9What additional eholdings + Agreement app integration capabilities do you expect?
2020-02-26 Khalilah Gambrell
10Additional Relationship types needed to optimally make use of the Related Agreements sectionIn Agreements in the Related Agreements section more different types need to be added and then offered in the dropdown for "Linked agreement's relationship to the agreement being edited". The functionality (automatic bi-way linking) is super cool! but so far the relationship type options are too limited. In the example test-type agreements I talked about in the RM SIG on 2020-02-28, I would have liked to have been able to select 'backfile to'/'backfile of' or 'AAF to'/'Buy In Purchase of' or some such wording etc. I am sure there are other needed relationship types ... 2020-02-28Sara Colglazier. MHC/Five Colleges
11Make agreement lines independent from connected resourcesAt the moment, agreement lines can only be created by linking a resource from either eHoldings or the internal KB. It would be very useful for several use cases to be able to create an agreement line without a connected e-resource.
a. the person creating the agreement and linking the POL is not the one responsible for the content (different team, ...), b. the resource cannot be found at the moment and will be linked later on, c. link costs like service charges to the agreement, d. eHoldings users  can then create the agreement and link POLs in one step without having to switch apps twice in the process... 
2020-03-04Annika Schröer, UB Leipzig