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Review proposed enhancements

Add a createdByUserID in the courselisting record

remove barcode requirement for electronic resources

DukeLTI Integration (note - this is done, and is working successfully in Duke testing.) There are two related modules in the main repository - and that can be used by schools that need that functionality.

Item sync between CR and Inventory (after an item has been added to a Course)  

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

Delete Course

Fast Add Integration
  • Suppress Course items from Discovery (depends on Discovery layer)


Add a field to the courselisting record for number of students enrolled in a course - needed for copyright clearance purposes - Andrea Loigman can provide more information.

SimmonsWhen adding a new instructor by looking up the patron record, the format should be LastName, FirstName.

SimmonsHave Inventory display when an item is on reserve (so you won't accidentally withdraw or delete an item that is on reserve).

SimmonsMaintain the connection between instructor patron records and course records, so updates to the instructor's name are reflected in course reserves.

SimmonsWhen attaching an item to a course, allow item lookup by fields other than barcode.

SimmonsCreate a connection between course records an order records so they you can indicate which course an order is for in the order record.