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    • Find every bib record with a 690 and which institution it belongs to
    • 856 with wrong indicator
    • making sure location and indicators for classification are correct
    • authority record updates
    • validation -look for common mistakes
    • extract data from each subfield of local 948 fields
    • data not in the right format in the instance record, eg date fields have different punctuation
    • incorrect resource types, formats, languages
    • feeding data cleanup - pre ACR2 input practices, ISBD punctuation
    • having field and subfield access to text
    • edit control fields
    • microforms
    • transformations that preserve white spaces between words
    • accessing the LDR or leader data
    • do not need the directory
    • need to access different fields at the same time
    • easier way to join to multiple fields simultaneously
    • linking MARC data to item and holdings data, orders or agreements
    • export full MARC bib, using add/update dates for selection criteria, for authority record processing
    • export full MARC bib for submission to Rapid ILL system.
    • access to language codes
    • 490/830 field access
    • access to call number/normalized as well
    • publication place, beginning and ending publication date from 008 field
    • type of material (mono or serial etc) from a Leader
    • access to different notes fields on holdings (subfield "z" )
    • BIB suppression
    • any part of the url 856 field, $i, $u