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See feature UXPROD-845 for more information!

General Recommendations:

  1. CSV format is fine for all of these reports, additional formats are not needed.
  2. Permission controls are needed for all of the in-app reports, for the following reasons:
    1. Anything having to do with financial data would not be something we would want to have open to all operators.
    2. If the report did not have permission controls, you would not be able to know who had potentially run the report.
    3. These specific reconciliation reports have associated service points, which identifies how much money is being handled at that location - a physical security concern.
  3. One point that will need resolution - whether the in-app report can be thin-threaded by setting default time periods for running the report. Because of this, we are recommending that the report be required to have a prompt for date, and not a hard-coded default time period. If that truly can't be done, we believe the report will need to run for at least a four month time period to accommodate quarterly, monthly, and daily reconciliation and audit needs.