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Minute taker?Steven Brown

Dec. 22 and Dec. 29 meetings canceled

 Inventory workshops


ReceivingAcquisitions Small Group
  • Receive Items
    • Can arrive through PO line or invoice
    • Receiving History overlay for details of items that are partially received
    • Question: For patron request during ordering, can there be a notification for the patron triggered so they are notified when the item is received?
      • Receiving is not driving functionality, so this feature may come into play at another later stage of the process.
    • Question: Edit receiving history to correct mistakes?
    • Question to SIG: Are there cases where we are receiving items without orders?
      • Gifts - historically need dummy orders
        • Find a way to track this information without using an order record.
        • Could a gift be a PO Line Type that is associated with a workflow that better fits a gift instead of an actual order to Vendor that would be expecting an invoice item?

      • Exchanges - does someone need to develop an app for these?
    • Question to SIG: What is more relevant to see in Received column - # received or # not received?
    • Question to SIG: Receiving History - how/when would you be wanting to see this?
    • Question: Receiving partial amount - What will happen in background for invoice? Partial encumbrance remains for the remaining unreceived items?
    • Question: Receiving for ebooks/other eresources when access is activated without something to "receive"?
    • Check in vs. Receiving coming soon
    • Question: Need a new category for eresources instead of forcing them into the monographic receiving method? Access confirmation?
    • Question: How are standing orders managed/received? Check in.
    • Next step for Acq small group after check-in: Go through some workflows to ensure that all variables are accounted for.

Action items