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FOLIO Face-to-Face meeting plans

FOLIO Face-to-Face meeting plans -  


Who is attending: Sharon Beltaine, Nassib Nassar, Scott Perry, Angela Zoss, Kevin Walker, Holly Mistlebauer, Tod Olson (there but many other commitments), Steve Bischof (does OLAF reports, 5 Colleges, implementers data warehouse), Anne Highsmith

Others? Questions?


FOLIO Face-to-Face meeting plans:


  • Settle on what groups/individual should plan to attend

  • Discuss and decide on meeting times/organization

  • Identify any significant gaps in the program

-June 17-19 in DC, $100 registration fee

-120 attendees is the target

-hotel registration must be done by May 11

-Location of June meeting: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Washington DC - Crystal City,

300 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, VA 22202

-large WolfCon Conference is planned for January 2020

Working document for the Face to Face meeting:


-would be good to include presentation with questions at end to provide an update on Reporting

Impact of Custom Fields in Apps on Data warehouse Development

-create as JIRA request for reporting feature

SMEs in our functional areas are asking how we will report on custom fields that are being included in FOLIO applications. Let's explore how to do this.

-process of building up data model works for standard reports, but what about new apps

-hoping that this group will continue, that reporting efforts will continue beyond Phase 1 day

-but it seems to have implications for both database schema and data load scripts

-custom fields?


-Angela will create JIRA ticket for this issue as a reporting feature request

Marc Data in the LDP DW

-create as JIRA request for reporting feature

Jenn Colt, from the Data Migration Subgroup, asks:

- will marc records be making it into the data warehouse? 

- if so will they be coming from both the marc source record store and the marccat store? or will we talk authoritative marc from srs and just administrative metadata from marccat?

-will they still be marc in the warehouse or transformed into something else?

RPWG Projects

Review RPWG Project List

-next priority reports?

-how many of the reports do we develop?

Circ Item Detail Report Prototype

-latest update on progress?

For our next meeting...

Next Topics:

  • topic 1
  • topic 2
  • topic 3

Next meeting of the Report Prototype WG is scheduled for Monday, May 6 at 10:00am EST