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5 minHousekeepingAndrea Loigman
20minFines/feesReview more overdue fine examples
  • Final confirmation of how overdue fines should be calculated so user story can be written.
  • Discussion:  Reviewed several examples of how late fees would be calculated, including scenarios where long-term loans accrue/don't accrue fines (certain number of days late, with or without grace period, when max fine is reached, in case of recall and recall rate is defined) and scenarios where short-term (3 day or "72 hour") loans accrue hourly fines (with or without grace period)
  • HOMEWORK:  Holly will provide worksheet to group, please provide 1 overdue fine example by Thursday, 8/22
20minLost/missingEmma BoettcherStatuses for lost/missing

Decide which statuses need to be distinct and which do not

  • General consensus that distinct statuses are necessary for:
    • Patron reports they lost item (reported lost)
    • Item is grossly overdue (aged to lost)
    • Patron has paid for item (if returned, refund may be necessary; may trigger acquisitions process)
    • Item is not on the shelf (missing, want to refer patron to ILL or other)
    • Item is not on the shelf and thoroughly searched (missing, may want to suppress or trigger acquisitions process)
  • Will revisit this topic for final wrap-up
15minAnonymizationEmma BoettcherAnonymization and notices

Decide which failure is more acceptable: delaying anonymization because a notice hasn't been sent, or anonymizing and being unable to send a notice

  • Of institutions that do provide routine check-in receipt, first option is preferrablepreferable
  • Other institutions are currently providing check-in receipt on-demand via screenshot, also find first option preferrablepreferable
  • Current go-live functionality:  email check-in receipt will be sent when session ends (to capture all items in one email, rather than send multiple emails)