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Searching by specific fields


Right now Users has general keyword searching; we will want to be able to search specific fields - IDs, emails, addresses, notes?

Perhaps one of these issues fits:

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker
(New feature)

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker
(new feature)

YESUschi's test results see below


  • automatically truncation?
  • split search ( → key-value search) ?
Bulk User importErin

from Slack channel

Does anyone know (or can tell me) what the current, supported approach is (or will be) for bulk importing user records? I can see a github for mod-user-import, jiras for that project with comments that ask if that mod is still being supported. |I can see a very old jira ( for bulk-loading that was last updated last year.I can see a very old jira about performance improvements ( that was last updated last 

Patty to ask for info / updates from Ebsco staff while in Sweden next week

Deleting User Records


Discussing the need for deleting patron records (no Jira currently; need for one discussed in comments of

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

Patty to write user stories
Custom FieldsUschi

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

the tag cap-mvp has been removed - reason? Further activities?

Multiple Patron Identifiers

Additional patron identifiers will not be in the MVP(?).  Conversation turns to custom fields and wondering if they are searchable.  Will custom fields work for multiple user identifiers?

Patty & Erin will work on users stories for:

  • Repeatable ID Field which must be 'nameable'


Patty will work on stories for:

  • the department field
  • preferred name/preferred pronouns

Meeting Notes

New participants


  • Call out for new UM participants (especcially especially from the implementers group)
  • Björn will take it with him to the PC
  • Missing Implementers: A&M, FLO, UA
  • Patty will send Mails out

REP-136: Unique Collection Services Report

  • was dicsussed in RA
  • It is not an issue for us
  • Maura is going to double check with Ed Merkel

UIU-1196: CRUD to add External System ID Fields to the User record in Settings

  • Checking the Scenarios
  • Mock-ups for the table
  • would be set in: settings/users
  • unique fields should be specified via check box (check for uniqueness)
  • Björn: should be not only on the UI but also in the batch load
  • UI: check for duplicates should be in place
  • batch load is blocked (to add external ids)
  • loader shouldn't allow duplicates

UIU-1198: Settings CRUD to allow additional External IDs to be used by Checkout

  • other settings mock-up
  • everyone is ok with it



  • Patty is going to write a story for the departments
  • add department name, code, source, update date
  • were should it be displayed?
    • User Information or extended infotmation
  • repeatable
  • there will be a card sorting exercise with Beth German in the future
    • Erin: Hey Erin, on Friday I contacted Beth German (TAMU) about the card sort exercise. She has been busy with a work transition. She plans to have the exercise ready in two weeks.
  • Search function:
    • search by type
    • search in the name field
    • search performance
    • What does the search box search at the moment: user name, name
    • required searches would be:
      • username

      • name

        • klute
        • klute, u

        • klute, uschi

      • mail

      • birth date

    • Search results, that work: , klute, u, klute, Barcode
    • Erin: performance concerns
    • Uschi: duplicates in username and name (she will test it)
    • Maura: Use Case lastname Li and Kim
    • Erin will follow up on that after she askes the RA SIG about it