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Attendance & NotesAngela

Attendance & Notes

  • Today's attendance-taker: Linda (or substitute)
  • Today's note-takers:  Team Leads for project updates

Announcements /


Upcoming meeting topics

  • Thursday, June 1: Brainstorm outreach activities for the SIG, set up quarterly schedule
  • Monday, June 12: Onboarding, Part 2 (tentative)
  • Thursday, June 15: TBD

Combining MM and RA/UM subgroups

Any new members?

  • Welcome/introductions

How to find our latest recordings

(Always) Recruiting New Query Developers

  • The Reporting SIG is always on the look-out for new query developers. Please let us know if you are interested in doing query development or if there are others at your institution who might be a good fit.

WOLFcon 2023 BrainstormSharon

See draft of plans at topics at Reporting SIG at WOLFcon 2023

If you plan to attend either virtually or in person, please click the link below to add your name to the WOLFcon 2023 Reporting SIG Participants list, let us know what topics you would like offered, and let us know if you would like to offer any topics yourself (either alone or with a group/panel). This year's conference topics must be submitted by June 5, so please complete your entry by Thursday, June 1st

WOLFcon 2023 Reporting SIG Participants

  • If you can't attend in person, you can attend virtually for free!
  • any additional topics you'd like to see regarding Reporting at this year's WOLFcon?
  • any questions about WOLFcon?