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The following parameters can be configured when running the data migration job:

  1. Repositoryfolio_repository: Specifies the repository from which to fetch the versions of the modules.
  2. Branch (Source)folio_branch_src: Specifies the branch of the source repository for the migration.Branch (Destination)
  3. folio_branch_dst: Specifies the branch of the destination repository for the migration.
  4. Backup Namebackup_name: Sets the name of the RDS snapshot for the migration. Provide the name of the DB backup placed in folio-postgresql-backups AWS s3 bucket. 
  5. Slack ChannelslackChannel: Defines the Slack channel name to receive the migration report (optional, without the '#' symbol).


The "Send Slack notification" stage is responsible for sending a notification to the Slack channel specified during the job setup (using the slackChannel parameter). This notification provides an overview of the job's execution result, including important details and links for further analysis.

Example of message:

Let's break down the components of the notification message:

  • SUCCESS: Indicates the overall result of the data migration job. This could be customized based on the job outcome (e.g., "FAILURE" or "ABORTED" in case of errors).
  • Rancher/Data-migration(kd-test) #354: Specifies the name and number of the data migration job.
  • Please check: Data Migration takes 4 hours!: Provides a brief summary of how much time migration took.
  • List of modules with activation time bigger than 5 minutes: Lists the modules that took longer than 5 minutes to activate during the migration process. 
    • mod-source-record-storage takes 49 minutes: Provides specific details about a module that took a significant amount of time to activate. 
  • Modules with failed activation: Lists any modules that failed to activate during the data migration. Modify this section to include the actual modules that encountered activation failures.
  • Detailed time report: Provides a link to a detailed time report, which contains more comprehensive information about the data migration execution time. 
  • Detailed Schemas Diff: Includes a link to a detailed schema difference report, which highlights the discrepancies between the source and destination schemas.