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Test #

Workflow name 

Total time it takes to complete workflow


Avg (sec) high load with FYR95th pct (sec) high load with FYRAvg (sec) high load95th pct (sec) high loadAvg (sec) normal load95th pct (sec) normal load
3View invoices0.8251.0560.5650.9080.7630.913
4Create invoices1.3651.6391.0761.3411.1741.370
5Edit invoices1.7342.5090.5311.7491.5811.897
6Delete invoices0.9821.2090.3720.8840.8040.927
7Approving Invoices0.9431.0910.7580.9201.4531.940
8View Authority records0.4760.3260.290.4740.2890.381
9View MARC tag table1.3292.0451.0281.3060.9871.284
10View holdings records1.9172.5211.5072.0561.5261.922
11View Bib1.0271.3590.8081.1710.8411.168
12View patron records0.6991.1060.5260.8990.5660.883
13Delete patron records1.0161.2640.6271.1090.6381.070
14Update patron records1.4122.1380.9761.6151.0431.625
15Create patron records1.2731.5690.9721.3081.0981.261
16View Ledger0.0600.1020.0540.0850.0500.088
17Create ledger0.7230.9230.6610.7980.6160.761
18Edit ledger0.1460.1580.0540.0880.0540.085
19Delete a ledger0.0650.0970.0550.0990.0460.080
20Export bib "Default instances export job profile"16 sec (5000 records)-13 sec (5000 records)-5 sec  (5000 records)-
21Export holdings "Default holdings export job profile"40 sec  (5000 records)-37 sec  (5000 records)-26 sec  (5000 records)-
22Export authority records "Default authority export job profile"8 sec (5000 records)-5 sec (5000 records)-3 sec  (5000 records)-
23DI "DISC HRID match"------
24DI "DS LA edeposit records update"------
25DI "DISC New edeposit records"------
26DI "DISC New NON edeposit records"------
27View item records1.5451.9841.2211.5981.2891.649
28update item records1.1341.4600.9201.2120.9981.250
29delete item records1.2871.6170.9101.2160.9271.099
30Monitoring Pick Slips and Requests GET /circulation/requests0.4430.5710.3650.5440.3590.480
31Monitoring Pick Slips and Requests GET /circulation/pick-slips/0.1120.3760.1300.3030.1120.256
32Monitoring Pick Slips and Requests0.2330.2330.1120.1120.3030.303
33Users loan renewal2.1672.4801.6051.8651.4671.661
34Item-level requests0.8541.0580.7090.9660.6690.973
35View vendor records1.0951.9390.7401.3080.7131.165
36Edit vendor records8.62610.2085.8256.5785.1996.190
37Create vendor records1.5981.9831.0621.2991.0641.200
38Delete vendor records0.5780.7140.3560.4540.4120.522
39Create purchase orders2.1882.7481.7501.8681.6251.733
40View purchase orders1.7921.8861.3471.5911.2051.435
41Edit purchase orders3.3813.7952.9153.1342.0762.984
42Delete purchase orders2.0932.0931.6841.8181.4321.830
43Retrieving instances and holdings0.0570.0970.0420.0840.0350.073
44Edit MARC tag table4.3804.9193.4303.9393.4244.257
45Fiscal close - end of FY rollover12 min 30 sec---11 min-

Blacklight: View an inventory record JMeter script

47Blacklight: Create a Request JMeter script1.7302.0861.3401.8411.1221.404

Blacklight: Create a View Patron record JMeter script

49VIH_View instance holdings details1.9592.5211.5911.8371.4561.572

Throughput graphs

For Test#1, Test#2 and Test#3 graphs are almost the same. With FYR general throughput is decreased. Possibly, the reason is high database resource usage of FYR.


  • m6i.2xlarge EC2 instances located in US East (N. Virginia)us-east-1
  • 2 database  instances, one reader, and one writer

    NameAPI NameMemory GIBvCPUsmax_connections
    R6G Extra Largedb.r6g.xlarge32 GiB4 vCPUs2731

Records count :

  • mod_source_record_storage.marc_records_lb = 7300919
  • mod_source_record_storage.raw_records_lb = 7300919
  • mod_source_record_storage.records_lb = 7300919
  • mod_source_record_storage.marc_indexers = 245032159 (all records)
  • mod_source_record_storage.marc_indexers with field_no 010 = 1008129
  • mod_source_record_storage.marc_indexers with field_no 035 = 8968420
  • mod_inventory_storage.authority = 852215
  • mod_inventory_storage.holdings_record = 6091403
  • mod_inventory_storage.instance = 5581816
  • mod_inventory_storage.item = 5705915

  • MSK ptf-kakfa-3
    • 4 m5.2xlarge brokers in 2 zones
    • Apache Kafka version 2.8.0

    • EBS storage volume per broker 300 GiB

    • auto.create.topics.enable=true
    • log.retention.minutes=480
    • default.replication.factor=3
  • Kafka topics partitioning: - 2 partitions for DI topics