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Tests were conducted in scope of

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker
 task to assess performance of the Monitoring Pick Slip functionality (MPS scenarios in JMeter script) and get the baseline numbers for future testing.


Test Runs 

Test #

# configuration

LoadTest durationComment
1MPS scenarios

/circulation/pick-slips/<servicepointId> : 20 per minute (sequentially called)

/circulation/requests : 1 per minute

/service-points : 1 per hour

/locations : 1 per hour

1 hourTests were conducted 3 times each, no differences in results were observed

Test Results

Request name

Response time normal loadResponse time high load
Individual workflowAll the workflows*All the workflows + DI + FY*All the workflows*All the workflows + FY*
AVG (sec)95 PCTL (sec)AVG (sec)95 PCTL (sec)AVG (sec)95 PCTL (sec)AVG (sec)95 PCTL (sec)AVG (sec)95 PCTL (sec)
MPS_Monitoring Pick Slips and Requests GET /circulation/requests0.4780.7050.3590.4800.4340.5270.3650.5440.4430.571
MPS_Monitoring Pick Slips and Requests GET /circulation/pick-slips/0.0600.1130.1120.2560.1060.3120.1300.3030.1120.376
MPS_Monitoring Pick Slips and Requests (1 request per test)0.1360.1360.3030.3030.2970.2970.1120.1120.2330.233

*previous test results can be found here: Master Script normal load test - NLA report and Master Script high load test - NLA report (without Data Import)

Test #

Workflow name 

Total time it takes to complete workflow

Avg (sec) high load with FYR95th pct (sec) high load with FYRAvg (sec) high load95th pct (sec) high load
30Monitoring Pick Slips and Requests GET /circulation/requests0.4430.5710.3650.544
31Monitoring Pick Slips and Requests GET /circulation/pick-slips/0.1120.3760.1300.303
32Monitoring Pick Slips and Requests0.2330.2330.1120.112