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Discussion items


Determine note taker (Wayne Schneider)

Review last week's action items (=action items on the wiki pages).

TAMU spring break cut down our attendence.

20SysOps related sessions on the WOLF Con (= World Open Library Foundation Conference, scheduled for May 7-11, 2018, in Durham, NC)Ingolf, group

SIG Conveners have been asked to bring up their ideas in the Product Council.

Let's collect our ideas here ...

WOLFCon update:

May 7 – evening reception

May 8-9 possibly into May 10 – Program. Plenary imagined for morning of May 8, rest of the time for breakouts with possible further plenary sessions on other days.

We settled on requesting time for 3 sessions:

  1. Migration process flow (whiteboard session)
  2. Current thoughts on deployment and orchestration for production
  3. Data cleanup/overview of data models

In addition, we'd like to propose an install "hackathon" for Monday afternoon, outside the official program.

It was agreed that it will be important for SIG members to keep track of other sessions that will be of interest to us in both the developer meetings and the meetings of other SIGs.

Patty Wanninger and Stephen Pampell proposed using some of our time to bring in outside experts in cloud services and orchestration.

 30Discussion of LS-Tools and requirements for FOLIO

Deferred until next meeting

Discussion of LS-Tools, a web-based user interface that pulls together a variety of custom scripts and tools, developed at Cornell.

Explanation what Cornell is doing with the tool and finding out if this is of interest to others.

Collect requirements for FOLIO in order to be able to re-produce LS Tools functionality.

Discussion of experiences in putting up local FOLIO instancesGroup

Deferred until next meeting

Open for questions, comments, concerns

5Topics for the next meetingIngolf