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Assign Notetaker, Take Attendance, Review agenda

Previous Notetaker: Tod Olson

Today's Notetaker: Doreen Herold

Tags Subgroup of RM SIG@Anne-Marie Breaux

Ann-Marie Breaux will discuss the implementation of Tags in Folio apps. A new subgroup has been formed to discuss how this functionality might be developed in application areas in addition to Acquisitions. It would be helpful for someone from the Reporting SIG to join the subgroup as a representative. Will start meeting this week.

Tagging/labeling to collocate information. Tags more modern, flexible than predefined fields found in traditional acq systems. Allows to keep track of things esp. when we don't have things figured out in the beginning. Example of tagging: JIRA.

Tag wiki page:

Request to have developers consider the use case at scale: how do tags work when you're doing filtering/searching in a large database?

Ann-Marie's presentation included a slideshow which can be viewed in the recording of this meeting and can also be seen here.

Simona Tabacaru (Texas A&M) has graciously volunteered to represent the Reporting SIG on this subgroup.

Additionally, everyone is invited to engage in discussion on tags in the space.

Next Steps for Data Lake

Discuss Next Steps for Data Lake development. What did we learn from the Data Lake Proof of Concept project? What do we need to consider as we design our data reporting environment?

Referential integrity issues–how will these be addressed? Inventory: how will the references to all related/linked data points work and be reliable. Important for us as a SIG to keep this issue in sight/mind of developers. Important that data structures in different microservices be standardized. E.g. concerns to avoid orphan info remaining when a related piece of info is deleted; avoiding duplication of data and confusion as to what is information of record; losing linkages between related pieces of data that are then difficult to recover.

Doreen signing off...

Future TopicsTopics for Future Reporting SIG Meetings