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Small group for fines & fees preview

 15minUser stories / feature approvals 
40minFines and Fees


  • we may need a couple of people from main group to look at fines and fees this week
    • David B, Andrea and Holly tomorrow afternoon to work through questions raised by subgroup
  • Cate - checkout expiration setting
    • suggestion of pop-up that lets you either continue or end session
    • Joanne-sounds good, what happens to pop-up if time passes?
    • Mark leans towards no pop-up
    • David and Deb-will students ignore pop ups?
    • Andrea-staff would find annoying, possibly oversolving
    • are we all okay that when it expires, the session expires, we're all okay with this
  • Emma-item display
    • need to display things like claimed return, damaged, etc. (however those are indicated)
    • previous borrower will be in circulation history
    • Cate some things we can revisit once we know more (such as item status)
    • we're all fine with current display fields
  • Darcy-printing slips
    • templating may not be v1
    • will be able to define which fields are in headings, body, etc.
    • question as to how printer, etc. are defined in v1
    • need to make some parts of body in large font
  • Holly-fees fines
    • override permissions for forgiving/cancelling, etc.
      • quick login with credentials and then revert to original permissions
      • how does this work in single sign-on component
      • Jacob tech lead is looking into technical side of things
      • problems involved with single sign on issue, including 2FA
      • not even client based systems work well
      • this may not be needed v1, not a showstopper, but bad customer service
    • side note about NOT using language of "deleting" fees/fines
    • where do we set account transfer settings--at patron group level?
    • where do we create account transfer types?
    • institutional settings
      • whether grace period is considered when calculating fines
      • should overdue fine be calculated if request expires - does anybody want this? go back to subgroup?
    • claim returned item-if found cancel the lost item fee, if patron bill has been transferred to the bursar, how does this work in Germany? weekly fines which are separate each week and can be paid