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Magda Zacharska Amanda Ros Jennifer Eustis Christine Tobias Jackie Magagnosc Lynne Fors Thomas Trutt Kimie Kester Kathleen Moore Sara Riggs 

Note Taker: 

Meeting Recording:




  • Attendees  - please add your name to the list of attendees
  • Meeting host -  please turn on Transcript option for the meeting 
  • Who can take notes today?
  • Meeting on October 3rd will be only first 30 minutes (10-10:30 AM ET)
  • Looking for volunteers to help with writing tests for accessibility testing
  • Other topic?

October 3rd meeting: UAT for Lists App

October 17 meeting: UAT for Bulk Edit (Poppy) functionality

We need volunteers to write accessibility tests. Any of our member libraries able to assist? Is the Accessibility Work Group still convening? If so, could they help?


  Development updates

Development status: Finishing Poppy release work, focusing on Consortia app.

Outstanding issues from Orchid UAT

3Query tab - hide for Poppy or rely on permissions? 

4Discovery and staff suppressing instance records  - (UXPROD-3992)

Continue from Sept 5th meeting:

Unique record identifiers for bulk edit of Inventory - Items, Inventory - Holdings, Users? UUID, HRID, System-controlled identifiers (LCCN, ISBN)?

Suppressing records that have Source MARC: Changes are made to the Instance record only. Underlying MARC is not changed.

List of display columns: Are there fields of Instance Record that should be included by default?


Bulk edit - FOLIO holdings electronic access - (UXPROD-4008)


Bulk Edit - in app approach - statistical codes - (UXPROD-3714)

7Errors and warnings 
  1. Field level errors vs record level errors
  2. Errors vs warnings
  3. Before or after committing changes

Current implementation: Error message consistency: field level errors and warnings vs. record level errors and warnings