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Attendance & NotesScott

Attendance & Notes

  • Today's attendance-taker: Linda (or substitute)
  • Today's note-takers:  Team Leads for project updates

Product Council UpdateJennifer

PC meeting minutes 9/21/2023

PC meetings has introduced a new schedule: Thursdays 10 am - 10:55 am EST

3 new subgroups:

  • Re-architecting impacts: Wiki Page. The working group has had 2 meetings. Purpose: evaluate the proposal for Re-achitecting the FOLIO as product. This proposal was presented by Vince Bareau and Craig McNally at a couple of sessions at WOLFcon. 
  • SIG Updates: Wiki Page. 4 members. Reviewing the monthly SIG reports while there is a sense that the current isn't surfacing problems and we want to restructure this. This group is also trying to think how this ties in with the Roadmap. The subgroup will also look at the scope, and model for the Re-architecting work presented by Vince Bareau. This new work need to be anchered in one of the existing SIG. Kristin Martin suggest that the PC do a regular SIG report in one of the upcoming meetings in October
  • J. Eustis: Group is creating a template to submit issues to PC. 2nd meeting is tomorrow.
  • Meeting Hygiene: Meet first time yesterday, and will meet every 2 weeks. Converted the ideas from the PC shoulder meeting on 8/25/2023, and converted it to a spread sheet: a) structure, ... Meeting times to be more inclusive for people not is Europe and US. 

List App: This app was approved by the PC, but the TC review is still in process. Will meet tomorrow (9/22/2023) for final decision.

Quesnelia release: Proposal to set the initial date for the planned Quesnelia release until April 29th - [draft] Quesnelia (R1 2024) - The date is picked to avoid conflict with Easter Holiday and Spring Breaks. 



New Outlook calendar invitation

  • Scott sent invitations for the new series to people listed on our Reporting SIG Home page
  • Anyone still need an invitation?
  • (If you don't consider yourself a member and don't want to receive meeting invitations, you can remove yourself from the table.)

Impacts of New Fields and Features

  • Are there any new fields or features we should know about from any of the functional areas that may impact reporting?
    • New
      • There is a proposal to deprecate the donor field in the POL and replace it with an Organization type of donor in Quesnelia.  This will also be linked to inventory in a future release as well.
    • From Recent Meetings
      • (Jennifer Eustis) from MM: proposal for a new field for item source (New field in the item record: Source ID - Functional analysis)
      • (Stefan Dombek) feature with Orchid: in the module audit, we have logs for orders and order lines and snapshot for create, edit, and delete records (unfortunately not for fiscal year rollover, just create/edit/delete; need to know the date of your FYO and then report based on that) (
      • (Jennifer Eustis) request for more helpful info when there are duplicate UUIDs during data import (
        serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

Upcoming meeting topics (tentative)

  • Reporting Development in Preparation for Poppy Release
  • Reporting Experiences from Various Institutions
  • Lists App
  • Managing Duplicates

Any new members?

  • Welcome/introductions

How to find our latest recordings

SIG Recruitment

We will need to be recruiting for a variety of roles in the coming months. Please consider whether you would be interested. Reach out to Scott Perry  or Sharon Beltaine with any questions.

  • Representative for the Documentation Working Group
  • Query developers
  • FOLIO Analytics Review Board (immediate need!)

New Product OwnerScott/Sharon/Corey

Corey Hutchinson is assuming the role of product owner for Reporting.

  • Nassib will still be involved as director of Metadb/LDP - the community project which is a member project of OLF

Reporting Development FocusScott & Sharon

    • Proposal for documenting additions and changes to Derived Tables and Report Queries (Scott and Sharon)
      • Collect changes by FOLIO release version in one document in the wiki on folio-analytics, as we did previously in
      • We could still merge changes continuously (rolling releases), but summarize changes by FOLIO release instead of by month or by tag
      • Future of derived table refreshing functionality for Metadb (Nassib will report on at a future meeting)
        • Derived tables will be able to be refreshed live, like public tables
      • Upcoming discussion points
        • Stefan is on vacation and can’t present on cookbooks but has done much work creating cookbooks
Merging ACQ and ERM working groupsSharon/Stefan

When the ERM working group have finished the Open Access topic, they only have to maintain all their SQL statements and documentations. Many exciting new topics will then be of interest to both ACQ and ERM. For this reason, it makes sense to reunite the groups.