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  • Further Quesnelia feature requirement details
  • Demo/discussion of the new large file "slicing" feature in Poppy


Ann-Marie  to  Everyone 1:09 PM
And are there topics that are not in the "in scope" section that need to be WRT matching?

Christie Thomas (she/her)  to  Everyone 1:16 PM

Jennifer Eustis (UMass/5Colleges)  to  Everyone 1:29 PM
Also exported to 3rd party systems for DD/ILL or WorldCat

Ann-Marie  to  Everyone 1:29 PM
We like polls!  definitely good idea, and something to run by the larger community

Christie Thomas (she/her)  to  Everyone 1:29 PM
+1 lloyd

Jennifer Eustis (UMass/5Colleges)  to  Everyone 1:31 PM
For single record imports, sometimes the 035 is generated multiple times

Christie Thomas (she/her)  to  Everyone 1:31 PM
It is! We see that a lot.
And even when it is in the same form.

Lynne Fors  to  Everyone 1:31 PM
And overlays can add HRIDs as 035s when they shouldn't.

Jenn Colt  to  Everyone 1:32 PM
The OCLC docs read to me that once the OCLC number is out of the 001 it should not have prefixes

Ann-Marie to  Everyone 1:34 PM
Also a good point, Lloyd - data migration for the existing data needs to be taken into account as well, to be sure previously loaded and newly-loaded data are being treated the same way

Jennifer Eustis (UMass/5Colleges)  to  Everyone 1:35 PM
This happened to us in the 5C. We cleaned up our OCLC numbers so that we removed the prefix to have only (OCoLC)number. Now with the 001/003 generation, we now have variations in the formats

Ann-Marie to  Everyone 1:35 PM
Really good point about ISBNs, Christie - I'm continually frustrated by how hard ISBNs are to use as matchpoints, due to having a non-number (X) in ISBN-10s, not currently normalizing between 10s and 13s, and having extraneous data like binding sometimes in the MARC $a and always in the Instance ISBN

Corrie Hutchinson  to  Everyone 1:36 PM
I’m not advocating one option over another.  Just curious about all the ways to address this issue.

Christie Thomas (she/her)  to  Everyone 1:37 PM
Absolutely, Corrie! I think it is definitely worth asking the question and understanding the impact.

Jennifer Eustis (UMass/5Colleges)  to  Everyone 1:37 PM
We sometimes end up with 3 OCLC numbers strangely enough

Christie Thomas (she/her)  to  Everyone 1:37 PM
That happens to all of us, too!

Jennifer Eustis (UMass/5Colleges)  to  Everyone 1:37 PM
Right now we can't do marc modifications on LDR, 001, 003 or fixed fields

Corrie Hutchinson  to  Everyone 1:38 PM
+1 Jenn

Jenn Colt  to  Everyone 1:38 PM
Only for very old ones
Less than 8 digits

Ann-Marie to  Everyone 1:39 PM
Those leading zeroes are such a dang pain - and I didn't even realize they were there until I was playing with ISRI a bunch one day

Christie Thomas (she/her)  to  Everyone 1:40 PM
They are a pain! We have som many staff that rely on reporting on Excel and having those leading zeroes makes Excel reporting a problem.

Jenn Colt  to  Everyone 1:41 PM
Any of those!

Jenn Colt  to  Everyone 1:52 PM
Yeah I wondered if these are kind of the same issue in some way

Ann-Marie to  Everyone 1:53 PM
One thing that may help is automating some of the tests related to these bugfixes - if it's working, and then a change breaks it, the automated test will catch it immediately.

Jennifer Eustis (UMass/5Colleges)  to  Everyone 1:59 PM
For the 970, it would be great to discuss how we can handle the cleanup left when a job is cancelled. Right now, we've found that this is very manual and sometimes needs reports to find lost records

Jennifer Eustis (UMass/5Colleges)  to  Everyone 2:01 PM
That happens to us all the time

Lynne Fors  to  Everyone 2:03 PM
If it came up in the last week or so, it was probably me