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 Ankita Sen is next, followed by Jakub Skoczen 

10 min

Officially Supported Technologies

  • Postgres 12 EOL Fall 2024...  
  • Handle in Quesnelia page Quesnelia - Technical Council - FOLIO Wiki
  • Typescript needs to be addressed
  • Open question: Timelines
  • Want to give people more lead time before the Poppy release


*Officially Supported Technologies - UpkeepAll

Today Notes:

  • Options:

    1. Capture/document the ad-hoc process which we've been following in lieu of a having a formally defined process

    2. Go back to the previous meeting notes and try to resurrect the process we started to define

    3. Do #1 now (short-term/stop-gap solution) and continue to try to make progress on #2 (longer-term solution)

  • Considerations
    • Relevant release milestones
    • Expectations for the TCR process
    • How do we ensure this isn't a moving target for developers (both internal and external to the project) throughout the release cycle
    • Do we need notification mechanisms for announcing changes to the OST list for the release in development?
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