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Library Data Platform (LDP) First Implementers Grid

InstitutionFOLIO Feature Set ImplementingProduction LDP Implementation DateTest LDP Implementation DateLDP Admin ContactComments
University of AlabamaFull MVP (though full ERM likely post-migration)
May 2019
Cornell UniversityERM January 2020, Full MVP July 2021still decidingJune 2019
Texas A&MFull MVP (not ERM)August 2020March 2020Jason Root
GBVFull MVP except circulation, ERM focused firststill decidingstill decidingJulian Ladisch
Duke UniversityERM-focused (Agreements, Licenses, Organizations, possibly eUsage, eHoldings)Q3 2020still deciding

Lehigh UniversityFull MVP and ERM will be partially implemented (organizations, eUsage)Q2 2020still decidingChris Creswell
FLOFull MVP (ERM is a consideration but not a priority)June 2020 - other members in 2021?
Kelly DrakeWentworth Institute of Technology and Simmons University only - other institutions to follow later
University of ChicagoFull MVP (though full ERM may be post-migration)July 2020TDBTDB
Five CollegesERM focused (Agreements, Licenses, Finance, Orders, Invoice, Organizations)
April 2020

Reporting SIG Roles

NameAffiliationTitleWork RoleWork Team (RA/UM, MM, or RM/ERM)
hbzemployee of state libraries' service center, technical staffSystem Operations and Management SIG ConvenerData Analyst
Cornell University Assessment & Communication/Access Services Voyager Data AnalystResource Access and Reporting SIG memberUser
Texas A & MConsortia Systems Coordinator

Infrastructure support, Reporting SIG member, interest in data migration.

Index Data

Index DataLibrarian. Analyst

Simona Tabacaru

Texas A & M


Collection Development

Reporting SIG memberUser

Scott Perry (

University of ChicagoHead, Collection SupportFunctional expert, Reporting SIG member


MM (peripherally)


Index Data
Reporting Architect and Product OwnerArchitect/Developer/Data Analyst
Duke University
Reporting DeveloperDeveloper
Joyce Chapman ( University

Erin Nettifee


Duke University

Lehigh UniversityManager of Library Technical ServicesReporting SIG member



EBSCOEnterprise Architect

Sharon Beltaine (convener)

Cornell UniversityLibrary Systems AnalystFunctional Expert, Reporting SIG Convener, Data Migration Subgroup memberData Analyst
University of ChicagoSystems Librarian, Interim Director of Integrated Library SystemsSysOps SIG member, Reporting SIG memberAnalyst, User

Claudius Herkt-JanuschekSUB HamburgLibrarian, AnalystReporting SIG memberUser
Harry KaplanianEBSCO

OLE, Cornell UniversityOLE Managing Director, IT DirectorGovernanceBoth
The University of AlabamaHead of Assessment & Govt. InformationFunctional Expert, Reporting SIG MemberUser
Duke University

Duke University

The University of Alabama

Cornell University
Interim Reporting Product OwnerProject Manager
Duke UniversityAssessment & Data Visualization AnalystData AnalystQuery Development lead, Community and Coordination membe
University MagdeburgManager of Library IT Services

Analyst, User

Sara Colglazier

Mount Holyoke College/Five Colleges

MPIL Heidelberg Project-Work within MPIL libraryReporting SIG memberUser 
Smith College/Five Colleges

Jean PajerekCornell UniversityDirector for Information Management, Law LibraryReporting SIG memberUser

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About us

The Reporting SIG group will examine the needs of reporting in each functional area and the reporting needs of institutions. (For more details, see about the Reporting SIG.)

Communication Channels

See FOLIO Communication Spaces for more details about the project's communication channels.



The Reporting SIG meets on Mondays at 9am Eastern U.S. time. For more details, see the Reporting SIG Meetings and Notes.

SIG Convener

For more information about the Reporting SIG, contact the RPT-SIG convener, Sharon Beltaine.