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  • Overview of Google Drive to capture report info (Charlotte Whitt)
  • Clarification of user audit trails
  • Looking for a new convener (Lydia is retiring)

Discussion items

 Google DriveCharlotte
  • Google drive folder:

  • In stats: include examples of statistics library commonly collects

    • University/institution level statistics
    • Could be either descriptive texts or screen-captures of actual examples
    • examples of particularly good or bad reports/statistics output are appreciated
    • "Functional requirements" collaborative spreadsheet
      • What we need
      • How often we need those reports
    • Upload screenshots into 'functional area' folders - screenshot folders
      • Naming convention = start your screenshot filename with your institution initials or other

 Audit TrailPeter?

transactional data recording
data needs to be captured right away; might not need to report on it immediately
ensuring transactional data is captured & the 'right' data is captured

what data needs to be in this transactional data?- who touched this record / what date & time

SIG charge: create an inventory of data points/elements that are needed

Question of definition of what audit trail means


Action items

  •  Upload report screenshots to the Google drive folder by next meeting: 5/8/2017
  •  Charlotte Whitt and Michael Winkler will create initial spreadsheet framework (column names)