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Recordings? These should be posted on Google Drive; they should only remain up for 2-3 weeks following the meeting.


RA SIG have discussed location hierarchy with Vince

  • RA is working on loan rules
  • RA - hierarchical way of looking at locations
  • relationship between shelving locations and circ desks
    • many-to-many or many-to-one
    • how do user permissions fit into this
    • TAMU uses item status codes rather than checking things in/out
  • RA believes libraries will need at most 5 locations layers available in hierarchy
    • use of all five is optional; some libraries won't need that many; labels for layers can be defined locally
  • collections - RA question: is collection really a location or something conceptual? RA thinking the latter; collections live outside the hierarchy; do items need to be part of multiple collections? Some libraries have an item owned by multiple institutions; others might have items that are part of multiple collections due to multiple resource sharing and collection agreements.
    • Vince is working on this model

Codex working group meeting recap / consortial impacts

  • combined holdings/items record

Those who attended - Andrea Loigman, Michael Winkler, Charlotte Whitt, etc.

5minPlanning for next meeting 
  • Vince Bareau will attend on 7/19 to present data model
    • he will be sharing some recent work related to collections/locations with RA on 7/17
  • future conversations
    • consortial models that FOLIO needs to support
    • users and patron groups


Action items