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Date RaisedIssueAreaComments/QuestionsEntered ByResolution
2017-09-01RM Events: Special Times of YearAcquisitionsWhat are events that come up at specific times of year, related to the academic or calendar year? Add ideas to Discuss Post: FOLIO will need to handle these kinds of events
2017-09-19Rights/permissions/contracts for archival materialsLicensingCould FOLIO's license data structure/app be used not only for eresources but also other types of library materials that have usage details/permissions and contractual/legal language? E.g., archival material, DVDs 2018-11-29: Licensing app should cover these scenarios
2017-09-22Agreements/LicensingLicensingLikely will need a complete app for managing agreements and licenses. This will need to include relationships and status of licenses to indicate which are current. Considering agreements in the larger context of vendor service agreement and e-resources licenses. Initial work on vendor record will provide ability to attach licenses.Kristin Martin2018-11-29: Work on licensing has been incorporated into ERM work. Still need to work on relationship with vendor.
2017-09-26ERM Data ModelAcross the board

Within ERM, we expect to be able attach and manage acquisitions data at the package level, as well as at a holdings level. Many actions are taken at a package or e-resource level. ERM systems typically have a "resource" or "e-resource" record. The full data model to support ERM functionality has not been scoped out yet for FOLIO. This will need to be considered in the context of:

  • Acquisitions
  • Licensing
  • Codex
  • KB Integration
 2018-11-29: ERM subgroup mapped out new apps: Agreements, Licensing
2017-09-26Coral IntegrationERMSeveral OLE libraries use the open source CORAL for ERM management. How can FOLIO integrate with CORAL?Kristin Martin
2017-09-29Storing documents within FOLIOAcross the boardWe would like to be able to upload and store documents directly within FOLIO. This functionality would be useful for RM (e.g., invoices, tax documents), ERM (e.g., licenses), as well as potentially other areas of FOLIOKristin Martin2018-11-29: Files app (UXPROD-597), as of yet unassigned.Direct implications for Licenses/invoices/others? Files will be stored in the modules/apps for now.
2017-09-29Platform/InterfaceERMCurrently there is a section for "interface" on vendor record. We may need to have to a separate platform record for ERM/access purposes.Kristin Martin
2017-09-29StatisticsERMWe think about statistics in terms of usage statistics. What do we want FOLIO to do to support the collection and storage of usage data and COUNTER reports. Do we want to build in a SUSHI harvester? API to existing SUSHI harvester?Kristin Martin 2018-11-29: Leipzig building e-Usage app, which will include SUSHI Harvester
2019-03-27User Driven Ebooks AcquisitionAcquisitionsProvide for the ability for vendor to insert "shadow records" into OPAC and FOLIO generates purchase orders based on those shadow records. Vendor APIs deliver invoice and activation, while allowing for minimum librarian mediation of requests. Concurrently, presents dual format acquisition options, including GOBI, Ingram Print on Demand, and other methods.Daniel Huang
2019-04-18Selection Workflow SupportResource ManagementProviding support for the selection process within FOLIO. There was an RM Selection Task Group that looked at this early on: RM Selection Task Group. This would be a wonderful feature to flesh out further to differentiate FOLIO from other ILSes and expand functionalityKristin Martin
2019-04-24Support Change management options for using an external KBERMPackages and titles manages in the e-holdings app external to FOLIO can be linked as Agreement Lines in an Agreement. What happens when the external KB updates their data and some titles are deprecated, deleted, or changed? How should the changes be managed within FOLIO?Kristin Martin
2019-04-08Add progress bar / hourglassERMGiven you are in Agreements / E-Resources tab and you select an eJournal or an eBook from the list. An indication should be added to the "Options for acquiring e-resource" that content is beeing loaded. Current behavior: a) if you select an eResource the first time after login, the section "Options for acquiring e-resource" displays no content for ~ 2 seconds until the package data is loaded. b) If an eResource has already been clicked and another eResource is selected, the previous content is displayed for a few seconds. Either the performance should be improved or a progress bar / hourglass should be displayed. Felix Hemme
carried over from ERM Parking LotFind out what Acquisitions do to track missing invoicesERM

In progress

carried over from ERM Parking LotFind out what will be supported in Acquisitions, regarding Budgets and their managementERM

In progress

carried over from ERM Parking LotComparison functionalityERM

Not started - carry forward

carried over from ERM Parking Lot
ERMI continue to try and find a use case for searching content that my institution has not acquired. If I’m interested discovering the content in a resource, why would I not go to the vendor for that information? In what case would I go to a knowledgebase of some sort? Of course I could do a Overlap Analysis, and I believe that’s a very useful application, but that’s a separate task from searching for content that we haven’t acquired. And the world of content that I can’t access is so many times larger than the content that I can access -- and probably more so for others. I just see no reason to want to search content we can’t access.    - issue shall be discussed in a future meeting
  1. UPDATE 2018-08-15: Screencast may shed some more light on the purpose of having content from a KB searchable to add to agreements
Owen (from Peters (Cornell) feedback)]
carried over from ERM Parking Lotreview the proposal for package fields in the document “Local Packages in Inventory (UIIN-115)” ERM

carried over from ERM Parking LotLicense amendmentsERM

carried over from ERM Parking LotExamples of Joint Print and Electronic acquisitionERM