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1 minScribeAll

 Jakub Skoczen is next, followed by Taras Spashchenko 

Reminder:  Please copy/paste the Zoom chat into the notes.  If you miss it, this is saved along with the meeting recording, but having it here has benefits.

1 minTCR Board Review


Nothing new

5-10 minLiaison Updates
5 min

Technical Council Sub Groups Updates


Quick updates only.  If we can't find volunteers for groups, we'll need to add the topic to our backlog and address it during dedicated discussion sessions.

1 minDecision LogAll

Previous Notes:

  • DR-000038 - PostgreSQL Upgrade to 15 created by Julian Ladisch . Detailed analysis has been done to check if any of the breaking changes will impact FOLIO. There are a couple of unknowns, where it can't be easily verified if FOLIO is affected.
    Craig McNally we want to move to PG15 but the Q release may be too soon, so the recommendation might be the R release.
  • Taras Spashchenko Kitfox is working on an env with PG14 and PG15 and will run a series of tests to exercise the platform. 
  • Marc Johnson are we trying to make a decision today? We're past the point where the decision should've been made for the Q release. it's not sufficient to just search and test FOLIO core code as implementers run custom code.
  • Jeremy Huff knowing the results from the actual testing would help to inform the decision


    • See OST topic below.
10-20 minRFCs


RFC Process Improvements:

  • Still need to update RFC metadata to reflect new/adjusted statuses, etc.


15-25 min

Officially Supported Technologies


Standing agenda item to review/discuss any requested or required changes to officially supported technology lists

  • Check in on progress... does anything else require attention?


  • Formalize decisions on the following.  Quesnelia is the last chance to upgrade to avoid running unsupported versions:
    • Postgres 13 → Quesnelia 
    • Grails 6 → Quesnelia
  • Postgres 15 → Ramsons
    • Wait until we see the result of Kitfox testing
  • Attempt to move Quesnelia from DRAFT → ACCEPTED → ACTIVE since the relevant milestones have already passed.
1 minUpcoming MeetingsAll
  • - Topic TBD
    • Do we expect to have enough in attendance to make meeting worthwhile?
  • - Regular TC meeting
  • - Topic TBD
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