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  • Thank Craig Boman for taking notes last time. Determine note taker.
  • review action items:
    • Depolyment environments doc updated by Mike Gorrell, will need to circle back with others
    • Adding items to FOLIO backlog - small group has met and started, HBZ items still need to be added
    • Action items for Developers list has been started
20Proposal for a simple issue tracker within FOLIO

Carsten Schwill (SUB Hamburg)

Presentation for download.

SUB HH is a small consortium,a member of GBV, operating 10 tenants in OLCL PICA LBS4.

Proposes implementing within FOLIO a lightweight ticket system for day-to-day tasks. Not to replace JIRA, need that for development, but is heavy weight. Useful to have something lightweight for communications between library staff and technical personnel. E.g.:

  • reporting of operational incidents like wrong setting, incomplete batch
  • small service requests, like setting up printer
  • similar small operational concerns

Project phases that could benefit:

  • production set-up
  • test migration
  • rollout
  • regular operations


  • Linking directly into FOLIO screens
  • integrate with workflows eventually
  • reuse existing privacy and authentication

FOLIO tickets may be used by operations team, loan service desk, complain management, bib updates, in-house IT services.


What does lightweight mean? Few data elements, manual workflow is tracked, due dates, priorities, severity.

Can the tickets persist between installations? Maybe not, but perhaps can migrate the backing store.

Question: can we integrate FOLIO with an existing, mature ticketing app rather than re-implementing? Might get quicker traction.

Motivation is to have something more lightweight to administer JIRA or RequestTracker. Not incompatible with integration with a more robust system.


WOLFCon final agenda
Desired Wolfcon outcomes

Will help us have more conference discussions

  • Multi-node setup working at Lehigh (Chris Creswell)
  • Between installfest and production deployment session, have articulated the issues of what we need for production deployments. Specific things we need like documentation from developers. Assemble the list of questions, todo list.
  • Identify issues around container orchestration, pin down viable solution that works for multiple deployment stacks.
  • What is the reliable method to stand up FOLIO, including more stable releases? (Interplay between orchestration tools and FOLIO/Okapi, and understand which processes happen.)
  • More robust CI desired (devs hope to allocate time in a future sprint)
  • From Data Migration:
    • Migration Tools
      • technical gaps in the migration tools
      • tools needed to be developed
      • have a common set of tools from the community to do the migration
    • Test Data (feedback from German FOLIO day)
WOLFCon logistics
have we confirmed locations for sessions?
  1. Hotel 21?

  2. Install fest should also be at hotel21, but confirmation needed (confirmed)

15List of Integrations

Source System Information

Borrowed from OLE, useful to see which sites have similar integrations and can help each other.

Will move to SysOps folder, link to from wiki, and bring to PC to get help filling in.

LS Tools at Cornell
  • should be re-implemented for FOLIO
  • how to coordinate the activities; re-write as a FOLIO app or bundled into FOLIO ?

topics proposed for further meetings

Orchestration tools
see the discussion last week

Closing words
we will skip next meeting and meet again 05/17 - or on WOLFCon !