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5Communicating with DevelopersDale

 Review Epics of Integrations with Harry Kaplanian

 Integrations have been collected in the FOLIO Feature Backlog, mainly in the "Library Dependent" tab. They have been originally collected by us on the Wiki page List of Integrations .

25"Mechanisms of Jira" - how to work with the JiraHarry and Wayne

(Christopher Manly found a set of notes from what appears likely to be this meeting, and has attached them here)

Feature backlog & JiRA

- Harry attempted to match places where things in the backlog are already in JIRA
- Some of the items are duplicates of issues that were generated out of other areas of the project
- ( Look at UXPROD Kanban board
- Some Epics are so large it's hard to ever mark them complete.  Efforts are under way to reorganize them to make things more clear.
- Some analysis has been done on NCIP/SIP2 (UXPROD-557)
- Migrate bibliographic & holdings data needs comparison to the batch/bulk loading that is being built for ongoing use to see if the latter is sufficient for migration, or if additional work needs to be done.
- UXPROD-545 overlaps with data migration/data loader tool discussion
- Sysops SIG will review JIRA issues and try to flesh them out with more information wherever possible to help in prioritization.
- Currently sysops SIG members don't have ability to edit or create JIRA issues.  How do we get things in to the queue, and how do we supplement what's there?  Harry needs to talk with Cate and Jakob about process.  Currently, we need a PO to add things to JIRA for us, so Harry will be our PO until one frees up enough to do the job more fully.
- Tod is willing to take on quasi-PO role for JIRA interaction
- Harry would like us to work on prioritizing the JIRA issues

Action items