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Discussion items

Product Council Update
  • focus on JIRA epics; early-implementers focus group on gaps - identifying critical needs. Quick turnaround needed - next 2 weeks (June 29). HK is putting together a survey
  • Representatives from the sys op sig joined the call to talk about some critical blockers related to deployment and migration across all modules. They are working with the PO group on these issues.
  • Community outreach SIG would like to have a budget to help with promotional materials and promotional needs.
Meeting next week?group poll
ALA is next week. Next week's MM meeting will be cancelled.
MM-SIG get together at ALA?
there's a FOLIO reception Saturday 6/23 (7-9:30 CDT) @ Tiki Tolteca
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Review of UX/UI

Laura Wright

on behalf of Kimie Ou Yang

latest images from Kimie:

URL in Holdings record?

Verify input types (see column D:

Holdings records discussion
Gap analysis intro?

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