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  • We may have fewer people because of ALA
  • Volunteer for note taking: Christopher Manly
  • Should we meet on July 2? No.  Enough people will be out for the US Holiday that we will not meet on July 2.

Announcement from Christie Thomas: MM-SIG will start talking about Inventory gap analysis this week.  Discussion will probably wrap into next week, in case anyone on this SIG wants to join.  They are Thursdays noon-1:00 EDT.  Christie is working through the comments that have been made so far, and will reach out to folks when she returns from ALA.  If you have questions or concerns and can't make the meeting, e-mail Christie and let her know, and she'll try to represent them as best she can.


Q: What about the fact that the spreadsheet isn't done?  A: There is developer time available in July, so we want to get things that are ready in front of them to make it possible to get some work done.


Assumption for analyzing the Inventory gaps: If an institiution is implementing a MARC store, the full MARC data will be available for reporting, and that the Inventory app will store/provide the data that FOLIO needs.


Inventory app supports local mappings of metadata into the Inventory data store, the gap analysis should show where  there is data that needs a home in FOLIO.

5minHR idsVarious

Human Readable IDs:  We agreed to merge them into the existing spreadsheets that we are passing to the SIGs.

5minsData LoaderVarious

Go through loan sheet in detail. Loan tabs should be ready for Loan SIG by July 16. Need gap analysis tabs.

Currently, the full history of actions on a loaned item are displayed.  Is that derived from somewhere else, or is action stored as a repeatable field?  From a data migration standpoint, it's up to individual institutions to decide what gets migrated.  (Some things could be stored in the data warehouse for historical reporting, but not imported into FOLIO for transactional use.)

metaData & anonymization: Is there work in progress to anonymize loan data, purging it both of patron information and staff-specific PII?

We need a summary sheet on the loan data composite spreadsheet.  Cheryl Malmborg will try to add it in.


Discuss requests sheet. Set completion date. Add gap analysis tabs.

Are there issues with the Requests data model?

  • Is there no pickup location?  There is, but it's linked to locations definied within FOLIO.  Migration of requests would require institution-specific mapping. 
  • Much discussion of whether institutions will migrate requests.  Do we need a data loader for requests?  Having it would give a consistent process for migrating data, skipping it would be one less thing needed to go live.

Action items

  •  Christopher Manly : provide a more detailed description of what LS Tools is used for / what features we need together with the Cornell team.