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  •  Mike Gorrell to "publicize" the existence of the TC to various channels (#development, #general, Product Council, Rachel Fadlon's bi-weekly newsletter). Consider a Q&A meeting for the community similar to a "Town Hall" meeting.  
  •  Mike Gorrell to summarize next steps regarding the Platform/Base/Apps document, circulate email to TC and then pursue those items.
  •  Mark Veksler to edit the Definition of Done doc based on our discussions, and notify Mike Gorrell who will circulate to teams asking for their evaluation/feedback.
  •  Anton Emelianov to create a cleaner version of his observations that can be shared with the community (less technical/detailed, slightly higher level).
  •  Mike Gorrell to solicit names from leads who can be asked to volunteer to participate in an evaluation of a testing tool for UI Unit Tests (ie. Big Test vs Nightmare vs other).
  •  Mike Gorrell to inquire about Github permissions and what standard practices presently exist - to be shared with TC for potential action/revision 
  •  Mike Gorrell to share a draft of the workflow presentation planned to be presented to the Product Council next week by EOD Monday 23-July.