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Product Council update@Dracine Hodges; Martina Schildt


Subgroup updates 
    • Batch Loader - Members have been modeling examples. Filip is using this information to start designing the UI.
    • MARCCat - Please look and contribute to user stories.
    • MarcCat subgroup meeting: Monday 10:30-11:30 ET – please attend if you contributed use cases
Ordering of Holdings and Item in UX and persistence of ordering


How can we make sure people can sort in the interface? Principals for sorting that may work:

  • Currently, header can be clicked on to sort Ascending or Descending patterns. Make a column to display the information that you want to use for a sort. Building system around letting the individual staff member choose what should be shown.
  • Jason (Cornell) - Not worth the development effort at the moment.
  • Lisa (from TAMU, via chat) -

    I'm not sure, but when we transfer our holdings to FOLIO for the 1st time, won't we need to keep the sort order number on the holdings/items etc. so that the items go into FOLIO the same order we have them now in current systems? ;-)

  • Christie and Natascha (Chicago, via chat) - What will be the default sorting for the holdings and items? We are concerned about records that have thousands of items.

  • "SGlover" (via chat) - "Re: sorting holdings custom sort use case... Would it be a more resonable hope that Folio might make it easier to (re)format holdings data for accurate sorting?"
  • Felix (via chat)- "

    @christie: how is sorting of items done in your current system? We have an item count number and this works well."

  • Christie (via chat) - "Items are sorted by enumeration and then chronology" "holdings are sorted by location"

  • Ann Kardos (via chat) -

    But what about consortia? At the 5 colleges, there are...well...5 of us. We are considering moving to 1 bib and multiple holdings. I may want to sort UMass holdings at the top when I'm working on something, but don't necessarily want to impose that on the other 4 colleges? Just wondering

  • Filip suggested an added "Prioritize in List' Feature

  • Filipe (via chat): "Can you assign a location to an user in system settings? It seems important."
  • Chicago (via chat) :"At Chicago we are more concerned with items. We have records that have tens of thousands of items and a manual sort would not work in that situation."
  • Duke (via chat): "

    I think that filtering would be a great work around for sorting. HOWEVER, being able to customize your view is super important when people are dealing with multiple holdings records or thousands of items. Customizing a view for an individual staff user is different from customizing the display and/or sort order for a public view."

  • Chicago (via chat): "I think that we would prefer to have things in chronological order. We do not always receive things in chronological order."

  • Lisa (TAMU, via chat): "But later we are going to want to be able to rearrange them, because they don't get received in order."
  • Duke (via chat): "Again, filtering is a great work around for manual sorting."

Lynn Proclamation Based on Discussion: This sounds like it's important, but as long as items migrate in the order already established, it's not time sensitive for v.1

Instance / Holdings / Items UX

Charlotte has started a new Inventory Beta spread sheet, where all elements are mapped to the accordion, where they will be displayed -

1.Instance record design

  • Go-live elements are only included in this spreadsheet.
  • Accordion column - shows which element will display for the Accordion in the interface

2.Holdings record design

3.Item record design

Laura proposed a default "not yet assigned" for material type to satisfy required field demands.

Ann-Marie and the Acquisition Small Group has gathered a list of Order specific material types

Duke (via chat) "At DUke we have material type in the order record. It's not in a place holder item. It's an order record element"

Please add comments or questions directly in the spreadsheet for the benefit of Kimie and Charlotte.