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At the MARCcat working group meeting 7/23 is was decided to document typical workflows for catalogers - experienced, less experienced cataloguers etc. The intention with this, is for the atCult team and the UX designers to learn more on how the FOLIO libraries catalogue MARC records in their existing systems today, and typical environments like OCLC, and Union Catalogues.

Tiziana Possemato and Annalisa Di Sabato are planning to do a demo of WeCat (MARCcat) at one of the upcoming MM-SIG meetings - e.g. August 1, 2018 (TBD). The demo would be quite similar to the demo at the MARCcat subgroup meeting - see link to the recording at the meeting minutes. 

All subgroup and MM-SIG members: please add any relevant use cases. In the table the documentation of the usecases have been categorized, but feel free to ad many more categories. If a use case is already represented, then add your name and library, if you have exactly the same workflow process. Please fell free to add any additional details.