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We were officially formed 18 July, 2018.

The role of the UI Testing Team is to:

  1. Set general technical direction in anything that can affect quality of FOLIO UI applications.  
  2. Select tools to be used for UI unit and integration testing.
  3. Develop UI Testing Guide 
  4. Advise teams on the best UI testing practices 
  5. Suggest DevOps and CI improvements to increase developer's efficiency.

Members are:

Additional Members of #uitestingteam Slack channel:

About us

The UI Testing Team will provide technical guidance for implementation of UI tests to the development community. It will also contribute to all the facets of the DevOps process to enable UI testing. The end goal of this team is to develop common approach in delivering well tested, reliable and bug free UI applications contributed to FOLIO solution.

Communication Channels

See FOLIO Communication Spaces for more details about the project's communication channels.


Meetings are held every Tuesday  at 10 AM Eastern U.S. time (following daylight saving time rules for that timezone; see this time in your timezone). 

Click on this link to join Microsoft Teams Meeting


For more information about the UI Testing Team contact the convener, Anton Emelianov.

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