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30min Using loan, fee/fine and request policies for patron notice logic 
20minOn-the-fly and personal copy requirements


Discussion of around Patron notices. What is going to be set up and then what are the priorities. Where do the notices logic start. 

It would be nice to have:

  • a copy and edit ,
  • or multi use 
  • or time delay based on service points 
  • Interval of notices - or variable intervals 
  • need to have an expire time defined - both for the patron and for the library workflow (need by date)

Could there be to many patron notices, notice overload. 

Load test notices is very important

The look of setting up notices will look the same 

trigger event ( talk to Emma about "status" to ensure the words used are the same) 

The template is different than the logic - the logic is when, why, how often will the notice be sent to the users.

Settings should be set by service point. 

The risk could:

loan policy is by patron group 

notices are item based 

this may conflict

This is thought to not be much of an issues currently 

There are templates for:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Print

Batch processing is also in the works


On the Fly (Fast Add) and Personal Copy of items 

  • Public display / yes or no - suppress indicator 
    • Truncated Bib and Item record 
      • Created from item to bib not bib to item
      • permissions based 
      • this could also be equipment (umbrellas, jump drive, etc)
      • needs to be able to add without going into the inventory app 
      • creating something "blind" or adding to an existing holding 
      • searching is not of high importance 
      • Need to flag for catalog review or suppressing 
      • associated with the provider of the item ( person/ department /etc)
      • identify these records quickly 
        • currently in use
        • not in use 
        • searchable 
      •  Barcode*
      • Callnumber*
      • location*
      • author/title *
      • Date ( optional ) create date for the item 
      • format/material type (optional)
      • Pub date (optional)