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Review of QA Presentation

Anton gave an overview of the presentation he gave to the PC on QA for FOLIO.  Focusing on a large battery of low-level unit tests will catch the most defects early on before code gets released to users.  The full presentation is

Q: How do bugs get reported?  A: It needs to be logged as an escaped defect in JIRA.  We'll probably have a 'triage' project where bugs get reported from all customers, and then someone on the project will determine where it should live and transfer/assign it as needed.


Topics for upcoming meetings

What will be useful topics over the next 3 weeks?

  • Consortial rights management?
  • Status of JIRA tickets
  • List of integrations

Review current issues in JIRA
  • More discussion around QA, related to
    • Setting expectations, requires developer vigilance, building quality into the culture and process.
    • Setting a code quality gate: code test coverage, security, etc.  Eventually we'll hold every module to that code quality gate.
    • There will be a QA dashboard that shows the QA status of the project, published

Touching on SSO, LDAP, SAML

Migration tools: UXPROD-850.  Active work is only happening on bibliographic and holdings data.  Will the same tool work both for initial loading of data and for ongoing loading of orders, EDI, etc.?  Focus will be driven by early adopter institutions.

Batch importer: UXPROD-47.  Mostly worked on by MM-SIG.  There is a dev team lining up to work on this.

There is active work starting on the Workflow engine

Reporting: there is a team at EBSCO working on the tap for the data lake/warehouse, looking at 2 different proofs of concept based on rabbitMQ and Kafka respectively.  Writing scripts to generate high test loads to exercise performance characteristics.

Action items