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Recording is available on:

Link to the zoom-meeting:

Link to the wireframes: 

Discussion items




Filip will present UX sketches

Filip presented the work done in the small group (Filip, Lisa M., Sarah, Pam, and Laura).

The overall impression is, that we have the outlines for a great MARC cataloguing app, and we're there where we can discuss more in depth about the details in the display, and implementation matters.

All acknowledged the great work the group had done, and were very pleased with this new direction.

Below will follow some of the screens Filip presented during the meeting:

Follow up - Q and A

Filip and the group have gathered some questions, and some more urgent than others, which need to be answered.

Here a list of some of the questions:

Next step

Tiziana Possemato and Annalisa Di Sabato will do a write up of the out standing questions, and send out to the group to get feedback.

Filip will meet with the @Cult team and conduct a couple of work-sessions next week, to discuss the design and discuss everything in detail. After these meeting they will propose the changes to the MARCcat subgroup again.

Chat comments:

From Charlotte to Everyone: (04:18 PM)

Here link to the doc with the MM-SIGs recommendations on management of holdings records:
From Ann-Marie Breaux to Everyone: (04:20 PM)

Thanks for digging this up, Charlotte

From Lisa McColl to Everyone: (04:32 PM)

Since some subfields are repeatable, if a subfield was grayed out, the system would have to know that it is not repeatable.

From Jacquie Samples to Everyone: (04:33 PM)

Yes, that is true. Also some of the fields themselves, right? Sorry if I missed that part.

From Cornell to Everyone: (04:34 PM)

Tag tables is a big issue we have starred as an urgent issue.

From Jacquie Samples to Everyone: (04:38 PM)

Can we "make" FOLIO use any font that we choose to? If so, that works for me. In terms of using UTF-8
Yes, that is what I meant.  There is one font I generally use to make the system work.

From Mary Alexander to Everyone: (04:52 PM)

My favorite UTF-8 mapping source is BabelMap.
From Jacquie Samples to Everyone: (04:55 PM)

Mary, I like that one, too. :)