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  • Log into JIRA
  • Click on Create to create a new issue
  • For "Project" select LDP
  • For "Issue Type" select "Task" 
  • In "Summary" note that this is work on the query(ies) for a specific report (include report name)
  • Click Create
  • Notify Nassib to assign the task to you
  • Nassib also links Link the LDP issue (via the "defines" linkage) to the related REP or UXPROD JIRA issue ("relates to").  The LDP issue "defines" the REP/UXPROD issue.

Build SQL Query

  • Create new folder in ldp-analytics/sql to store sql, using the name of the query specified in the wiki page
    • If you have any trouble, contact one of the maintainers of ldp-analytics
  • Create a file with the query name and the extension ".sql"
  • Follow SQL conventions specified in LDP documentation
  • Additional tips for SQL:
    • Use all-caps for keywords (e.g., "SELECT", "FROM")
    • Start new lines for new keywords, items in long lists
    • Indent lines with 4 spaces
    • Review previous queries for other style conventions