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Deborah HamrickStephanie Espiand (guest speaker/Folio UI), Khalilah Gambrell, Elizabeth German, Robert DeLuca, Melissa Wallace, Kathy Zadrozny, and Julian Ladisch


Topics:  The first half of the meeting Stephanie Espiand,, talked about her updated Accessibility Guidelines document.  The second half of the meeting Khalilah Gambrell discussed the results of the FOLIO testing performed by the Accessibility and Usability Lab (AUL) at CU Boulder.

Discussion items

30 minsA11y Checklist for PO's and their designers and developers



Accessibility Guidelines Document Highlights

 30 mins A11y test results from CU Boulder A11y and Usability Lab



Accessibility Testing Highlights

Link to Khalilah’s slide deck on the results of FOLIO Testing at CU Boulder:

 Testing was done against because it had the largest inventory available

  • SIG will prioritize the issues discovered
  • Some issues have already been addressed in later versions of FOLIO
  • Examples of issues still to be addressed include:
    • Focus is lost when going from an item in the 3rd column of the screen to the full page detail
    • Search hint needs to be moved from the middle of the page (slide 5)
    • Testers had trouble with the horizontal slide associated with the middle pane (do we need this much information?)

 Link to the actual results report (also within Khalilah’s slide deck):  

Action items

    • Deborah will ask the AUL to reserve another week for a second round of testing in the November time frame.
    • Khalilah will share the test results report on the dev slack channel.
    • Beth will share checklists of common user tasks in ILS for future FOLIO testing