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Loans Emma BoettcherMoved toward consensus on override modal with predicted due dates, <em>except</em> for behavior when the user wants to treat several selected items differently. Additional information field will be required, and override & information about override will be reflected in loan details.
  •  Preferable to have system predict line by line and not enter due dates for each line

Loan PoliciesSean ThomasApproved: Opening time offset - UI mockup (Loan Policy Editor)Will allow a configurable number of minutes or hours to be added to the due date/time for an item initially due when a service point first opens.Opening_time_offset_UI.pdf
Loan PoliciesSean ThomasDecision: Omit 'Skip closed days in intervening period' functionality in Loan Policy Editor.The SIG had no use-cases for extending the loan period beyond the next open day for the Service Point. As such, the desired functionality could be accomplished with already planned 'Closed due date management' options.

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