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5minHousekeepingAndrea Loigman

5minOpening time offset - UI mockup
Approval: UI mock-up
20minSkip closed days in due date calculationsDecision: logic for long/short-term loans; Discussion: surfacing critical gaps (if any)
10minNotice LogicDarcy BranchiniMoved notice logic to a separate notice policyApproval: to move forward with logic in notice policies
20minLoans: overridesEmma Boettchercon't. discussion from previous meetingConfirm columns for renewal override modal. Include predicted due date?
5minUser record - requests sectionCate Boerema

Approval of layout for requests section of user screen


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e.g. loans, fees/finesNameClearly stated decision
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  • Because...
e.g. mock-up, JIRA issue


Opening time offset - UI mockup

Taking about Settings>Circulation>Loan Polic