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Discussion items

These notes are a work in progress. I will clean them up later today: 10/11/2018 - Lisa




MARCcat UX/UI analysis

Discussion on the use of local authorities & local tag tables.

  • We would never want to mix a "begins with search" with a "contains" search.

Side discussion: Search by 33X? Chicago said this will not work for them.

Topic: All MARC Fields search - If some results are connected to an authority file, and some results are not

In a keyword search that includes bibs and authorities, should the results include a row for the bibs as well as a row for the authority.

Ideas of "Search for an entity" or "Search for a resource" - brought up by Tiziana. These are in conflict with each other. If they are both showing in results, then we could end up duplicates

Suggestion: You must pick either authority or bibliographic BEFORE searching for performing a search. Select authority/bib, then that will drive the menu. This would be restricted to either bibs or authorities. Sarah commented that this makes Keyword searching acceptable. She said "We definitely need authority and bibs together for left anchored searches". She thinks this solution is only viable for keyword searches. Tiziana thought this would work for only some indexes, not all. Tiziana suggested if Authority and Bibliographic are searched simultaneously, then results will show duplicates. Sarah pointed out that we're often searching for context, not just a known entity. "You want the ability to have a less defined search in order to .

Sarah made point if there is a word in a foreign language on a book that she sees, she wants to know what it is. In combined results, one search

Tiziana pointed out that if we search through both authority and bibs, then we risk duplicate results.

Sarah said we should not consider poor searches since they will always result in poor results.

Jacquie - Had an example of FirstSearch. Is there anything like this at all in the system.

Filip: The challenge to allow this is that you can get lists with 6 identical results. Technically this is possible although complicated.

Jacquie - If results show multiple matches, it's not a big deal.

"Scan" in WeCat means to scan heading. This is different than "Begins with".

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