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DateProduct OwnerNotable Risks, Issues and/or Changes
12-14-18Created as a parking feature to hold various Data Import navigation and screen updates that were previously linked to
12-10-18UXPROD-1119 will not be totally implemented for Q4 2018–manual patron blocks will be able to be created UIU-674 but not enforced UIU-675.  Enforcement UIU-675 is less than a week behind the freeze date of December 7 for Q4 2018.  This is go-live feature for Chalmers.  Perhaps Chalmers doesn't need to wait until the Q1 2019 release in April if UIU-675 is ready this week?  Cate has recommended that Holly check with Jakub.

UXPROD-656 (CRUD for batch import rules) was (in retrospect) a huge feature. It was renamed as Data Import Infrastructure and Planning and remains in Q4 2018. Other features broken out from it:

UXPROD-1376: file extension settings (Q1 2019)

UXPROD-1377: CRUD for Job profiles (Q1 2019)

UXPROD-1378: CRUD for Mapping profiles (Q1 2019)

UXPROD-1379: CRUD for Action profiles (Q1 2019)

UXPROD-1380: CRUD for MARC mapping profiles (Q1 2019)

UXPROD-1381: CRUD for EDIFACT mapping profiles (Q2 2019)

UXPROD-1382: CRUD for Delimited mapping profiles (Q2 2019)

12-06-18UXPROD-1038 (ISBN Normalization): split into 2 features. This one will remain in Q4 2018 and cover preparation and design. UXPROD-1394 marked for Q1 2019 and will cover implementation
12-05-18UXPROD-1217 As of today, functionality to extend the existing loan rules editor to accommodate additional policy types (e.g., request policies, notice policies) has been moved to Q1-2019.

Moved all issues relating to Invoicing to Q12019 as they are not priority for the upcoming go-live. Focus will shift to Receiving.

Moved issues relating to Finance

At Risk/Will Split

  • UXPROD-861 Work slowing on Finance app means the remainder of this task may need to be postponed or split.
  • UXPROD-189 Activity log is not needed for upcoming go live and may need to be postponed to make room for other work.
  • UXPROD-1026 Will split into respective modules to as work is focused on Orders, Vendor and Receiving for Q4

Adding to Q4 but at risk depending on capacity

  • UXPROD-187, UXPROD-186 Recent meetings with early adopters have Identified these as a higher priority than the finance application.
  • Moved Paging Requests feature (UXPROD-272) out of Q4 and into Q1 2019. There are some questions we still need to answer (with SIG) about this feature:
    1. Are paging requests really needed if FOLIO supports the ability to configure which item states holds can be put on? This configurability is something we have been told we must absolutely have. If the only difference between a hold and a page is the item states on which they are allowed, I am not sure both are necessary
    2. Also, it seems that paging requests are not really any different from recalls and holds vis-a-vis how fulfillment is handled. Therefore, if we do go ahead with this feature, much of what is needed will already have been covered by UXPROD-118.

    Given the remaining uncertainty and the fact that the development scope on this is smaller than originally thought, I think it makes sense to move this out of Q4 and into Q1 2019.

2018-11-07Holly Mistlebauer
  • Removed Manual Transfer Fee/Fine UXPROD-1117 (and the related settings UXPROD-986 and report UXPROD-839) from Q4 2018 after Chalmers University downgraded their ranking of these features. Will focus instead on bugs and tasks related to implemented features (in addition to implementing new features manual patron blocks and user permissions). 
  • Moved UXPDROD-1124, UXPROD-1125, UXPROD-1126, and UXPROD-1220 from Q4 2018 to Q1 2019. These features are for adding tags functionality to various types of acquisitions and data import records.


  • Split Requests Permissions into Requests Permissions (Simple) (UXPROD-1279, targeted for Q4) and Requests Permissions (Advanced/Action-Based) (UXPROD-236). This is because:
    • We need to get at least a basic requests permission functioning for Chalmers. The more granular permissions can wait.
    • Also, since the basic permission is UI-only, we should be able to squeeze it in given the UI devs are often blocked on backend work
    • Finally, the more granular/advanced requests permissions are (to some extent) blocked awaiting "Action-Based Permissions" design and implementation (FOLIO-1504)
  • Added Requests: access to list of requests via links in the item detail and user detail (UXPROD-235) to Q4 as it was UI-only and we had excess UI dev capacity on the Core team while blocked awaiting backend work.
2018-10-26Emma Boettcher
  • Split Permissions into Permissions (Simple) (UXPROD-238, targeted for Q4) and Permissions (Advanced/Action-Based) (UXPROD-1251)
  • Still finalizing UI screens for Data Import mappings and logs.
  • Many revisions/refinements to overall Data Import architecture document and diagrams, based on feedback from Lead Architects.
  • Discussions with several related POs & Dev teams to determine responsibility for cross-app issues (e.g. File upload, ISBN handling rules)
  • Have added some ui-only stories to the Core team backlog which weren't originally targeted for Q4 because UI developers were blocked awaiting backend support: 118 issues
  • Requests - Have implemented a simple filter of the Requests app for a v1 requests queue ( UIREQ-122). Dedicated request queue page (UIREQ-112) has been deferred
  • Locations and service points
    • Switching direction of the relationship. No longer support adding locations to service points. Instead, service points will be added to locations (to ensure each location has at least one primary SP)
    • May have time to pick up some of the lower priority UX improvements for Location CRUD, as they are UI only and many other stories are blocked awaiting backend support: UIORG-92,  UIORG-93UIORG-94UIORG-117.

4 new features added since last week.

I have been working with Zak on a Q3 2018 bug (UIU-662) that appears to only happen on my laptop--we still want to figure out why because I need to be able to test with my laptop plus other FOLIO users may encounter the same problem. The UNAM developers are working on small bug fixes and tasks while Kimie designs the Patron Block and Transfer screens.